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Tesler App’s best Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies for new traders


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On May 16, 2018
Last modified:June 18, 2018


If you're new to trading cryptocurrency, you may feel a bit anxious to make your first trade. Tesler App has laid out the best strategies to help you through your cryptocurrency trading journey.

Despite its volatility, cryptocurrencies can be traded whether the market is high or low. Since 2017, hundreds of new digital coins have popped up, all promising something new and different. Many offer solutions to Bitcoin’s (BTC) failings and improvements on its system, like cryptocurrency trading system, Tesler App.

Though, what is the point of a solution if you’re trading blindfolded?

Many cryptocurrency trading connoisseurs have the advantage of possessing years of knowledge and skills in an online trading system. In fact, seasoned Tesler App traders implement their own trading strategies, using the system’s manual trading mode, to increase their chance of profitability.

On the other hand, Tesler App statistics show that new traders prefer to use the system’s automated trading function. By doing so, traders give Tesler App robots the freedom of choosing when to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies. Almost 100% of the time, the Tesler App automated trading robot was able to generate exceptional profits.

Here are 10 of Tesler App’s best cryptocurrency trading strategies to help you perform better in the cryptocurrency market.

1. Tesler App trading



Tesler App trading is suitable for all cryptocurrency pairs, as well as all timeframes.

2. Forex trading fractures



Forex trading fractures understand what Tesler App cryptocurrency trading is all about. It analyses the prices on the cryptocurrency market, as well as tries to determine why these prices are moving.

3. Options trading Stochastic dual



The options trading Stochastic dual strategy should be used at both a fast and slow pace to which the prices are going.


4. Trading hammer London


The trading hammer London strategy is best used when cryptocurrency prices are at their peak and may either be released in a particular direction or reflected in a strong support or resistance area.


5. Trading bounce Polly Klaas


If you’ve got any trading recommendations in order on Tesler App, the trading bounce Polly Klaas strategy will ensure it happens.


6. Trading ‘pop n stop’


The Tesler App investment trading ‘pop n stop’ strategy helps to determine whether cryptocurrency prices will remain in a hack. This Tesler App strategy is commonly used when cryptocurrency prices move to the top.


7. Reflection Bladerunner


The reflection Bladerunner strategy uses inputs when the cryptocurrency style and price begins to trade on the opposite side of the moving average. 
8. Fibonacci trading daily focal points



The Fibonacci trading daily focal points strategy combines declines and the Fibonacci extension with all timeframes, axles daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.


9. Trading ‘drop n stop’


Unlike the Tesler App investment trading ‘pop n stop’ strategy, the trading ‘drop n stop’ strategy is commonly used when there is a drop in cryptocurrency prices.

10. Fibonacci overlapping trading in options trading



When using the Fibonacci overlapping trading in options trading strategy along with the Tesler App trading strategy, the result may turn out to be more accurate when used with mixed Tesler App trading signals.

Before getting straight into trading cryptocurrencies using the Tesler App trading strategies, it’s best to first make a small deposit on your Tesler App account and thoroughly test these strategies.

It is, therefore, also important to take these Tesler App factors into account, if you want to enhance your profitability:

  • Cryptocurrency trading can be a rollercoaster ride, so be sure to remove emotions, such as fear and being overconfident while placing a trade.
  • Create a budget for any digital asset you would like to buy.
  • Decide upfront how much you can afford to lose; in case the market responds differently.
  • Keep track of all the updates of cryptocurrency prices, charts and trends within the market.
  • Retain a positive mindset, to help stay self-assured of the benefits you could receive from trading successfully on the Secret Society of Millionaires.

Join Tesler App traders across the world in generating large profits, using the above Tesler App trading strategies.

If you're new to trading cryptocurrency, you may feel a bit anxious to make your first trade. Tesler App has laid out the best strategies to help you through your cryptocurrency trading journey.
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